World Record-Breaking Aquarium Containing 1,500 Tropical Fish Explodes and Shatters Like a Tsunami



The world's largest free-cylinder aquarium exploded in the lobby of the Radisson Collection Hotel, DomAquarée business and leisure complex.

The record-breaking world aquarium as the world's largest cylindrical aquarium in Berlin exploded. The explosion of the 46-foot Aquarium containing around 1,500 exotic fish ravaged the hotel lobby and flooded the streets around the hotel.

Two people were reported injured by falling glass after the explosion. In the circulating video, it shows an empty aquarium tank and most of the fish have died.

The cold weather at that time also made efforts to save more than 100 different species of fish more difficult. According to the BBC, firefighters are working hard to keep another 400-500 fish in smaller tanks under the hotel lobby which have been starved of oxygen due to the incident.

A hotel guest Paul Maletzki who was staying on the fourth floor described a loud bang accompanied by shaking that woke him up. When he looked into the lobby, water was already pouring over him.

They and other guests were then escorted from the hotel by armed police. Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey saw the explosion site firsthand and described the damage and explosion of the tank as like a tsunami.

He was grateful because the incident occurred early in the morning at around 5.50 am local time. Because if it happened an hour or two later, the lobby and the streets outside would be bustling with visitors and many of them would be children.

A federal lawmaker Herman who also lives at the hotel told local television he heard some kind of shockwave and described the scene outside the hotel as devastation.

Likewise the process of saving fish, most of which have been frozen to death. He saw a large parrot fish lying and frozen.


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