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New Year's Decoration, 2023 trend color choice and interior


Check out the color and design choices that will be trending in 2023 (Lifetime Design)

Changing the interior design of your home is a significant first step towards welcoming the New Year 2023. The new décor brings a fresher feel and inspires new enthusiasm among residents.

Lifetime Design has released a guide to transforming your home decor through trending color choices and interior design in 2023.

“We are aware that there is a large number of mid-to-high-rise housing enthusiasts, and the investment in residential and commercial areas is increasing yearly. Therefore, the existence of Lifetime Design as a well-known design group is easy To provide new innovations by providing the best talent and lifetime design of the highest quality starting from furniture, interior design, and space ideas. We continue to develop the trends of 2023,” said Rachmat Fauzan, CEO of Lifetime Design.

Color ideas and interior design 2023

Check out the color and design choices that will be trending in 2023 (Lifetime Design)

Lifetime Design isn't just a hands-on experience, it also showcases three interior design styles that will be trending in 2023. These will inspire you to change your interior design style with more vibrant colors.

Yes! Lifetime Design offers Signature Colors and Color of the Year. Wondering what colors and interiors are available?

1. Bright colors

A bolder color choice. This bold color is applied throughout the furniture, accessories, and spatial concepts. This minimalist touch can transform your room into something more comfortable. Of course, by combining fresher colors and furniture designs.

2. Contemporary

Transform your flat room into a more luxurious and elegant with luxurious and elegant concept. You can add the impression of modern classic lifetime design luxury to make it more attractive, remove the rigid impression and add windows and large openings for maximum lighting.

3. Fresh Smoky

Lifetime Designs highlights smoky blue and terracotta as accent colors in the new 2023 trend colors, and adds classic off-white as the signature color of Lifetime Designs.

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