Hate Yourself Too Much, These Are 4 Signs That You Are Experiencing Self Hatred



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Self-hatred or self-loathing is a condition in which a person hates his existence. Everything that is done, said, thought is always felt wrong and not right. Individuals who experience this will not infrequently give harsh criticism and even blame themselves.

When you are in this position, a person's life will become damaged and not properly organized. The reason is, there will be many negative impacts that are produced and bring losses to yourself. Furthermore, individuals who have self-hatred are also very susceptible to psychiatric disorders. Therefore, you need to know the various signs of self-hatred so that you can deal with it immediately.

1. Too Focus on Negative Things Only

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Someone who has self-hatred usually focuses more on the negative than the positive. Everything is always seen as bad, even though what happened was actually something good. For example, a person who hates himself too much will immediately feel down if he is scolded by others, loses something, and so on.

Not only that, there are certain times when they blame themselves for the little mistakes they have made. Everything in life is considered unpleasant and everything is like a bad dream. If you experience self-hatred, anything will feel sad and unprofitable.

2. Often Feel Like a Failure

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Failure is a common thing in life. Every individual must have experienced this experience, at least once. Even so, for someone who already hates himself, whatever he does is always considered a failure and useless.

Individuals who experience this condition feel that their life has failed miserably because of the mistakes they have made. Even if the error only occurs once and is still at a reasonable stage. For example, you will feel that life has ended after not passing student or employee admissions.

3. Always Apologize

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Always apologizing even though you haven't made a mistake is also the next characteristic of people who have self-loathing. You feel awry and feel no self-esteem. Apart from that, feelings like being uncomfortable with your own existence also often haunt you.

Even so, this is very bad and can affect your life. Sometimes there is a need to save this apology for when it is needed and done seriously. Therefore, start defending yourself and telling others that you have tried your best. Most importantly, never hesitate until everyone has to be given an apology.

4. Decreased Confidence

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Having no advantages, being useless, and not deserving of the best, are thoughts that are usually possessed by someone who hates himself. Their self-confidence is very low, so they judge everything very negatively.

Individuals like this also tend to withdraw from the social environment because they consider it inappropriate to be in their midst. Because of a lack of self-confidence, the person does not have the opportunity to try new things. Therefore, their life becomes less developed and stuck in that phase.


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