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5 Ways to Know Someone is Lying According to Psychologists


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Interacting and talking with other people is fun. But in some situations, critical situations, we need to recognize people's honesty. No one wants to be lied to, but in reality, people around us do a lot of lies. Many reasons encourage other people to lie, whether it's a good reason or to get out of trouble.

Launching from Mindbodygreen, psychologists say several things are signs that someone is lying. Want to know anything? Check out the following explanation.

1. Body Language

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Body language is the most basic sign to recognize a liar. Some of the body languages that can be detected include: Nervous

  • Nervous
  • Frequently touching hair or face
  • Cross your arms
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Avoid interactions

The above body language indicates the discomfort that can arise from lying. While this body language doesn't necessarily indicate someone is lying, the uncomfortable gestures tend to be caused by feelings of anxiety about hiding the truth.

2. Patterns of speech
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After seeing body language which is the basic sign someone is lying, paying attention to speech patterns is the next sign. Studies say people who lie tend to use speech patterns such as:
  • More words
  • third person pronoun
  • Impolite language
  • Involves numbers
In addition, people who hide the truth tend to explain less about the causes and effects of a problem or event.

3. Avoid Questions, Conversations, or People Being Lied to
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When someone is lying, they tend to say more to avoid tricky questions from others. This method is done to make the interlocutor distorted. Not only do they avoid questions, but people who lie also tend to avoid people who are being lied to.

4. Story Overload

It's common for people who lie to make up stories to reinforce their stories. Research has found that people who lie tend to use exaggerated words and avoid answers that are to the point.

5. Wrong when repeating the story
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Big lies make it easier for someone to forget the small details they convey. Moreover, if the story is exaggerated, the person who is lying will not be able to repeat the same story when asked again. They tend to forget important details in their previous lies because they are purely imaginary. Every detail given is not continuous with the events that occurred.

Being lied to by others is no fun. We cannot control the actions of other people, but we can avoid similar behavior.

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