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5 Foods to Avoid to Make Diarrhea Worse


Illustration of diarrhea during fasting/Pexels

Diarrhea is a widespread health problem. Diarrhea is characterized by persistent, watery bowel movements (BAB), causing stomach discomfort. Diarrhea may also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Generally, these health problems will resolve on their own with plenty of rest, hydration, and anti-diarrheal medications.

Quoting from the page, there are some foods to avoid during diarrhea. Some of these foods can make diarrhea worse. Not only adults but also children with diarrhea should avoid these foods. The following foods should be avoided during diarrhea.

Spicy food

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The first food to avoid when you have diarrhea is spicy food, which makes diarrhea worse. This causes continuous bowel movements and increases the risk of stomach pain. Spicy foods can also cause a burning sensation in the rectum and anus.

Strong Spice Food

Illustration of the difference between Japanese and Indian curry/Pattakorn Uttarasak/Shutterstock

Spices in general have a myriad of health benefits. However, with diarrhea, the seasoning won't work to its full potential. This means that you should avoid foods containing strong spices during diarrhea, as spicy foods are said to make diarrhea worse. It's also not suitable for your digestive system.

Fatty Foods

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Fatty foods should also be avoided if you have diarrhea. These foods can cause your digestive system to work less optimally. These foods can cause more severe diarrhea. This can even exacerbate digestive health problems in the future.

Gas Containing Foods

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A variety of gas-laden foods can make diarrhea worse. Gas-laden foods such as spinach, green cabbage, soda, and broccoli can cause stomach bloating during diarrhea. No. If you have diarrhea and eat a variety of these foods, you may catch a cold more often.


Illustration of caffeine/Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Drinking caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee during diarrhea can make it worse. The caffeine content allows the body to absorb water faster during diarrhea.When this happens, the body becomes dehydrated, tired and weak. This can even lead to severe dehydration.

These are some foods that should be avoided during diarrhea to prevent these health problems from getting worse.I hope this information helps.

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